Steal this File Sharing Book pdf

 Steal this File Sharing Book pdf



Steal this File Sharing Book

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Steal This File Sharing Book tackles the thorny issue of file sharing, explaining how file sharing networks work and how to use them safely and effectively. There´s a wealth of free material available online-- music, movies, books, software, video games, even pornography. But do you know where to find that rare song you´ve been searching for? Or how to avoid accidentally installing a harmful piece of spyware? Find out:
° How file sharing networks work, from Gnutella, FastTrack, and eDonkey 2000 to Overnet and the DirectConnect Network
° How to share files on newsgroups, websites, instant messaging, and IRC
° How to remain anonymous, hide your email and IP address, and use proxy servers when sharing files (so that you won´t become the lastest RIAA casualty)
° How to protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware, and cover your tracks by encrypting your hard drive and securely deleting your files
° What to do with the various types of files (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, SFV, MD5, MPEG, PNG, and others)
° Where to share music, software, video games, movies, books, and porn
° Where the warez are, how software publishers fight back, and the legal alternatives to stealing copyrighted material
Steal This File Sharing Book will inforn, educate, and surprise you as you learn various ways to share and find files, and what to do to make sure that you´re not the next court case.

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